Katrina S. Kennett, PhD


Supporting Teachers as Learners

My seminars and workshops model differentiated digital platform use and invite teachers to engage in meaningful reflection that informs their classroom practice.

I also coach instructional leaders on how to support their teachers as learners.

My work is conducted within the framework of authentic achievement, a research-based and cognitively rigorous approach to instruction and assessment. 


Coaching & Consulting

kennett planning for inquiry.png

Working with Teachers: Planning for Inquiry

With thoughtful attention to how they plan, teachers can more effectively create classrooms that are inviting (and challenging) spaces for students to do authentic work.

In my work with teachers, we consider how their students currently ask questions and go about answering them. We plan for upcoming inquiry opportunities, invent (and often re-invent) tools that enable student agency, and prepare for relevant and rigorous student learning. During these workshops, I model best practices that teachers can use when creating, responding, and reflecting with their students. Teachers share their work with each other and archive their planning in their own inquiry portfolios. 

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Working with Teachers: Thoughtful Technology Integration

In today’s increasingly technological world, classrooms must be transformative places for student-centered learning and powerful spaces for fostering global citizens.

I offer a range of workshops on technology integration. I especially enjoy working with teachers who are just beginning to explore the use of technology in their classrooms.

Here are a few of my more popular workshops: 

  • Digital platforms to support student inquiry. Teachers work with tools that help their students ask questions and go through the process of answering them (think about doing the rigorous intellectual work of an annotated bibliography without getting stuck on the weeds of alphabetizing the entries).
  • Technologies for authentic writing. Teachers play with tools that enable student writers to compose, revise, and publish their work. Then, I work with teachers to revise existing units (or create new ones!) to support authentic writing.
  • Documenting and archiving student work. Using digital portfolios, teachers collect and curate resources and reflect on them, learning a new technology and trying their hand at what they'll ask students to do. 
kennett coaching.png

Working with Leaders: Coaching for Teacher Learning

Research has shown that most often people’s best thinking, including their most creative efforts, occur in private and/or in intimate, extended conversations. 

To support teacher learning, instructional leaders benefit from a critical friend. In video chats or phone calls, I work with leaders to scaffold teacher learning to support student learning. We keep up on the latest readings and re-read core texts, strategize upcoming professional development, invite teacher agency, and foster collaboration between faculty.