Katrina S. Kennett, PhD

A selection of things I have made as a... 

... doctoral student

Personal / Academic

Intermittent Blogging – a mix of notes, events, and thoughts

Mobile Pedagogy – very much a work in progress

I am what is around me – I started this blog while in a class titled Writing with Video and use it to document various projects

Center for Writing Studies | Course Archives

kennettenglish – ongoing posts about student ownership, technology integration, what exciting things we were doing, etc. 

What is an EdCafe? – translating the agency and empowerment of EdCamps for the classroom

The Art of Witnessing – a project I did with my Senior Honors Class responding to Eli Wiesel's Night

Lord of the Flies – a stand-alone unit that asks students to build a notebook through reading, drawing, and connecting to current events 

Macbeth – resources I would use while teaching Macbeth

... high school English teacher

... teacher working with teachers

UIWP Summer Institute 2017 - As the Connected Learning Coordinator, I worked to support and facilitate teacher inquiry projects and reflection on technologies in the writing process.

UIWP Advanced Summer Institute 2016 - I was fortunate to participate with other teachers as we wrote, looked at student work, and asked questions about our practice. 

UIWP Summer Institute 2015 – as the Connected Learning Coordinator, I helped support teacher inquiry and engagement as we prepared to host #CLMOOC

UIWP Summer Institute 2014 – I learned beside some amazing teachers! Here is my portfolio.